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Revamp Your Bedroom With These Easy Decor Tips

March 27, 2015 1:03 pm

Whether you’re a fan of vintage boudoirs or sleek, modern spaces, your bedroom should be a reflection of your own personal style. This is the place where you should feel your most relaxed and comfortable, and these simple design tips can help you to turn your bedroom into a hotel-inspired oasis.

  1. Add colorful throw pillows. Even if your bed already has a patterned comforter or a solid-colored blanket, you can always add more texture and color with the addition of some artfully mismatched throw pillows.
  2. Use a unique headboard. While headboards from a furniture store can be quite pricey, there are a number of DIY ways to create a headboard from unexpected items. An antique door, an old fireplace mantle, and some repurposed wood palettes can all be used as a headboard on your bed.
  3. Hang some drapes. Create a cohesive look throughout your bedroom by investing in some luxurious drapes that match the rest of your bed linens. Hang them above or to the side of the window frame for a more dramatic look, or search for light-cancelling drapes if you like to sleep in on the weekends.
  4. Add extra storage. Add storage in creative places throughout the room to keep it feeling organized. Frame the bed with cubby-style shelves, or add drawers underneath for seasonal clothing.

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April Fool’s Jokes

March 27, 2015 10:01 am

April Fool's day is just a couple days away. What are your best pranks/jokes?

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Parking Passes

March 24, 2015 1:40 pm

Be sure to stop by the office no later than March 31st to pick up your parking pass. It is critical that you get your pass before April 1st! Please bring your license plate number with you when picking up your pass. We want to make sure out system is 100% up to date.

Please contact the office if you have questions.

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